Friday, April 27, 2012


It's a little better with my family... Well, not really, but I can use my computer for a while at least.
And I can read, thank God...

It's my first time to do it... I hope I won't fail? (I fait at everthing lately)
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I hope to make some new blog friends anyway ;)

Q: Have you had a character that disappointed you? One that you fell in love with and then "broke up" with later on in either the series or a stand-alone book? Tell us about him or her.

When I read a book, I know from the beggining if I like a character or hate. Mostly I'm neutral... Just characters in manga suprises me, if it counts. I had this situation with Raito from Death Note... I liked him, but them L showed up and I was like " Raito? Nah. Bad guy."

... And now I'm off to read.


  1. Same with me! I either like them or don't like them.

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  2. Anime can be surprising. I've never read Death Note, but X's characters really surprised me.

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  3. I'm not really into manga, so I've never read Death Note. Usually in a book, I either like them, hate them, or are neutral towards them all throughout the book and series. It's really infuriating, actually, how I can't have different emotions towards them. ;)

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    1. Oh my gosh, and I can't believe I didn't say this earlier, but WELCOME TO FOLLOW FRIDAY! I saw it was your first time, so I want to properly welcome you! There are some really nice and just plain awesome book bloggers who participate in this meme and you'll have so much fun here! :)

  4. I'm pretty neutral, too. unless they're really mean or something. LOl

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  5. I haven't read that book yet. I'm usually not a hard reader to please, but some can just get tiresome.

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  6. Happy Saturday -- I've never read manga, I wouldn't even know where to start LOL. But, characters are always disappointing me.

  7. I like your question. I posed a similar question: What makes you fall in love with a book. I think I know pretty early on if I'm going to love a character. Something they say or do intrigues me or surprises me or endears them to me. In Etgar Keret's short story "What Animal Are You" -- it is narrated by a man being interviewed for public TV. It's very funny. He has a little boy who keeps asking people what animal they are. There is a surprise twist that is powerful and beautiful. Loved that character from start to finish.

  8. Oh, a Death Note answer. ;) And I feel the same way. I usually have a 'feeling' about the character right from the start.

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  9. Ochhhh. :D Witam rodaczkę!

    Igrzyska są *naprawdę* dobre. Szaleństwa na punkcie Zmierzchu nigdy nie zrozumiem, ale Igrzyska słusznie zasłuzyły sobie na miejsce wśród poczytnych książek YA, także nie zwlekaj. Szczerze powiedziawszy to nie znam (albo nie zauważyłam, bo się z tym kryją), którzy uważają Igrzyska za słabą książkę. Także polecam. :) Jak przeczytasz to dziel się wrażeniami!

    Pozdrawiam i dzięki za follow. :)

    Masz konto na GoodReads? Chętnie Cię tam również będę śledzić. :)

  10. A character has to be/or have done something really outrageous for me to "dislike" them.
    I do get emotionally invested in my characters. I have always found my personal reading experience to be heightened that way.
    Some are so good at keeping cool, calm, and collected.
    I have read a few small manga scenes. I think it may be something I can get into.
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  11. Don't believe I've ever read any Manga. :-) It's fun to draw though.

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  12. Welcome to FF! New follower. I haven't read Death Note yet. I'll have to look it up. I think I've heard of it.


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