Wednesday, April 25, 2012

[11] The Folly by Irina Shapiro

The Folly by Irina Shapiro

On a cold, December morning in 1815 the body of nineteen year-old Lady Elizabeth Flynn and her stepson, Captain Jeremy Flynn, are found floating in a lake on the Flynn estate. Sir Henry is devastated by the loss of his young wife and heir to the estate, especially since there is no evidence, no witnesses and no apparent motive. But nothing is what it seems and the gruesome find is only one link in a chain of events that started long before.
Forbidden love, family secrets and betrayal have led to this moment, ending months of speculation and gossip and bringing it to a shocking conclusion.

Well, that's just a little spotlight. Sounds interesting? :) Buy it!

I want to tell you I won't be able to post blog posts for a little time due to some family problems I have.
Anyway! I will read books authors sent me to review and I will try to post them from school... Or anywhere. It just may be late. 

I will contacts winner of my giveaway as soon at it ends anyway. I will try!

I'm sorry!


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