I accept paperback books and .mobi format (kindle) books to review, also ARCs and self-published works. I don't accept audiobooks. I LOVE INDIE BOOKS :)
I don't accept all kinds of books to review. Why? Because I'm fed up because of saying "I'm sorry, but I didn't like your book". Not because it was bad, just because I don't enjoy this genre.

-At first, books about eating disorders and other mental disorders.
-YA of almost any kind. I love contemporary!
-Short stories

I don't accept:
-I say "no" to no-fcition a lot, but I enjoy it sometimes.
-Really long books.

Review will be based on only mine opinion and posted on this blog, goodreads, amazon, barnes and noble, kobo, diesel, The Book Depository and smashwords if gifted by smashwords.
Well, I can post it in more places. Just tell me where ;)
If you want to send me paperback copy, have in mind that I live in Europe and I won't pay for shipping books.  :) 

I also would be happy to interview you, host a guest post or giveaway or your book/swag, but I would be REALLY happy if it could be international, as I know what pain is to see amazing giveaway which is US/Canda only. You would be obligated to ship prizes to winner/winners.

I'm looking forward to working with you :)

PS: I have bought a tablet and I can read ebooks without hurting my eyes. FINALLY :
Then I will be able to accept not only .mobi files, but pdf or epub too. 

Email me: fetachan @
Twitter: @fetadesu
Facebook page:


  1. Hi Dominika!
    I just gave your blog an award! I love your blog and I though you deserved it :) You can see it at Happy Reading :)

  2. I would love a review and interview! I spent 10 years in prison on drug charges where I turned my life around writing drug war novels and prison novellas. I'm from California and my business was the drug mafia, so that is what I write about with a redemptive twist. My U.K author page is- My U.S. author page-
    My facebook page for friends is-
    My facebook fan page is-
    My email is and I need your email to gift out the Prison Killer Book 1 novella. Thanks, Glenn

  3. Dominika - i am now following your blog, with pleasure! here's my details

    I would love a guest post and will fill in the form.

    Thanks again.

  4. I will gladly follow your blog. My blog address follows. Perhaps when your time allows, you can review my love story, Sarah Of The Moon, and my suspense thriller (and love story) Swan Loch.

  5. Hello Dominika ;) Thanks for the warm welcome (Book Blogs Ning). I'm Ara ;) And I just followed your wonderful blog. You can find me at ;) Will be liking your FB page, following you on Twitter and adding you on Goodreads next ;)

  6. Hi! Thanks for the welcome on Book Blogs Ning. I'm Kara, the evil mastermind behind and you can find me on twitter @indiewriterblog
    Come over and visit!

  7. I'm Carmen Stefanescu from:
    I signed to follow your blog. I'd be glad if you could honor mine, too.
    I live in Romania, better known as Dracula's country, so we are almost neighbors. I am a teacher of English and German in my own town and country.
    I am on Goodreads and Book Blog, too.
    Best regards,


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