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[16] Interview with Eve A. James, author of Rose Awaken

Do you remember my review of short story Rose Awaken that stole my heart?
Today I have an interview with Eve for you :) Read it and leave a comment for her, I know she'd love to know what do you think.

My name is Eve A. James and I am a member of Romance Writers of America. Writing for young adults is my passion, especially when I can combine it with my love for paranormal. I can’t imagine anything more exciting than a place where an ordinary girl or a boy finds its rightful place among the gifted, immortal or heavenly creatures, where falling in love for the first time, discovering who you really are, is just a beginning. As a child, I was fascinated by fairy tales by Grimm brothers and Hans Christian Andersen, with their dark twists and universal truth that good always trumps evil. Influenced by a strong hero’s character from those stories she started writing tales where an ordinary person could do extraordinary things. Writing has turned into a passion that I admit I am too weak to resist. I treasure a good story that pulls me inside and allows me to walk the path alongside my favorite characters.


Hello and thank you! I'm really happy to interview you :) I found your story by accident, but tell me - what pushed you to post it on smashwords?
I am happy to answer your questions, and thank you for the wonderful review.  There were few things I considered before publishing Rose Awaken on First were the opinions of my fellow writers, second; how I found interesting stories to read.  I used Smashwords because they allowed me a freedom to upload my own cover, retain full rights to the story and once my story is reviewed by the staff it will be available on all of the platforms from Kindle, to Amazon and Apple IPad. 

Do you think you'll be popular? Do you want it, or do you prefer to stay indie?
I think every author wants to be popular, I am no different.  I love writing and feel like I have a story and characters I would like to share with the readers.  I like being independent, but I know the way to make it in this tough business is to have a great agent and editor.  They make our stories richer and more mainstream. 

Your story contains voodoo religion. What about your beliefs?
Yes, Sebastian is a practicing voodoo priest.  I love his blind devotion to the balance he is bound to bring to the world.  He sees things in his own unique way.  He will do whatever he likes to bring good and evil into that perfect balance.  He is neither good or bad, yet he will do things that are good and kind as well as things that are pure evil.  It is the balance in nature that he is driven by, not standards that society puts in place. 
I believe that there is good in the world and there is evil.  Being good everyday is hard, because being bad is so much easier.  It is our actions that define who we are not the words we speak.  Yes, I do believe there is God, how otherwise could I explain the beauty outside and the kindness I experience from strangers.  I believe that everyone is capable of heroism and murder depending on the situation. 

Do you believe in destiny then?
I believe we write our own destiny.  I believe every action has its consequences and it shapes the path we follow. 

Tell me, who should read your books?
My attended audience is young adults; however, I know from the comments I received that even older readers have enjoyed it.
I hope the readers can grow with Rose, as she will grow from a young child to a rebellious teen, and a hopelessly romantic young adult.  She will go through growing pains and make a lot of mistakes.  Rose has a lot of growing up to do before she fulfills her destiny.  The journey will be a bumpy one. 

Okay! Let's stop with serious questions :) What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
I close my eyes and cover my head thinking, “What is that annoying sound?”  Knowing it’s an alarm, I shut it off, grab a notebook that is right by my side and write like a maniac what I remember of my dreams.  They inspire some of the things in the stories I write. 

Tell me one classical book you hate.
“Romeo and Juliet,” it is a love hate relationship for me. I love the tragedy of their death, but I also hate it. 

Thank you for interview! Anything you'd like to tell to my followers?
I would love to thank everyone for the comments and encouragement and you for your time in reviewing my short story. 
Part II Rose Discovered will be available in July 2012 and it takes place in Spain.  Like always, Rose gets into more troubles. 
Part III Rose Revealed will be released in November and Rose moves to a small city called Otwock in Poland, where not only she finds major trouble, but old “friends” follow her. 
I hope you like her story as it develops. 
Thank you again,

I'm really excited to read about Rose in Poland... What about you?


  1. Thanks for the interview! Always fascinating getting insights from authors.
    Lillian Archer

  2. Thanks for telling me about this, I thought I was following you already... I am now, haha. Great interview, I liked how it was a little more in depth, and how you asked about her beliefs and all that.

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    We write our own destiny..
    Nice quote. :)
    And great interview.

  6. Awesome interview! Makes me really interested in reading the book! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  7. Thanks for sharing. Loved the interview! I can just imagine Eve A. James with sleepy eyes furiously jotting down her dreams in an attempt not to forget them .
    M.C.V. Egan

  8. Great interview! Voodoo is really fascinating and i haven't read many books with voodoo.

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  10. Great interview! Well done :)

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  12. Great interview. It's always so interesting to hear the authors thoughts.



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