Monday, August 27, 2012

[59] Made in China: A Story of Adoption REVIEW

Made in China: A Story of Adoption
Hardcover30 pagesPublished June 1st 2008 by Vanita Books
Source: Netgalley - thank you :)


 I have never reviewed a child book before.  I feel too old to read picture books, even though I’m still a teen. But “Made in China” touched my heart.

I’m used to see stupid cartoons for kids and stupid books without any sense last days. They just mean to be colorful and… Aren’t we missing something? When I learnt how to read, this little 4 years old me could read only books about friendship, love, family…

But then, adoption was kind of a taboo topic for kids. I see children book about this topic for the first time.  And I can say that the author did a great job. Pictures are beautiful. I simply felt in love with them. Text is rhymed and simple to understand. It’s just perfect!

What do you think? :)
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