Monday, August 13, 2012

[49] SWUR - the end + photos

it's the end of SWUR and I should probably sorry for being such a bg fail.

I read only 2 books... Oh, wait, I finished one that I was reading before and the one I started and finished was a short story collection.

I was supposed to read a lot and I haven't read so less in a long time.
Forgive me? :(

I'm still happy that I met a lot of amazing new bloggers. BIG VIRTUAL HUG FOR YOU ALL!
I also want to thank everyone who hosted amazing mini challenges.
Thank you Jude and Jennifer for making SWUR possible! 

My photos, maybe?
You probably have to click on them to make them look okay.
I had a horrible trip to mountains with parents, I haven't slept really okay and I was bored as ....
Here are photos. Those with worse quality are from my mom's camera, those better are form my dad's. Huh :D

Just me. Uh?

Some landscapes maybe?



I look retarded and my dad looks scary. :e
And my mom looks as retarded as me

I probably said something hilarious. (Laura, is that necklace from you? ;> )
my legs look huge.

Okay, so I bombarded you with a lot of random photos.... What about reading?

I love my e-reader.

...I also didn't read much because I spent two days on drinking and having hangover.
So, here's my hangover face.
And a cat. Everyone loves cats, right?

This is the end, I think. I showed you my face for the first time and now you know how disincentive I am :P
Now you can guess my favourite bands, too. ;P

Leave me links to your photo posts <3 p="p">
And, you know. Have a lovely day.



  1. The landscape photos are beautiful! You definitely don't look retarded! >…< Nice pics


  2. Beautiful photos. Love the pic with the kitten! Are you old enough to drink? LOL :)

    1. TSHHH! :P It's Poland, we don't care about it here ;)

      This kitten died today ;/ It was too weak...

  3. PS-You are beautiful! I love your red hair!

    1. Thank you! :P This color came out from a bottle but it's still okay xD

  4. Thanks for sharing your photos and for dropping by my blog! Your photos are "calm," too! Just beautiful!

  5. I love the pictures, and your captions are really funny :)

  6. Those photos are beautiful! I know a lot of people intend to get a ton of reading done during read-a-thons but get busy with other things, so don't worry! :-)

  7. haha Those are great photos! It looks like a fun trip with beautiful scenery! And yes I love cats. And I love my ereader as well. 2 books is great progress especially if you were on vacation. No time to read. I hope you had fun!
    Thanks so much for participating and stopping by!

  8. Aww, those are some lovely pictures! What are you talking about, none of guys looks retarded! I like your hair color. :)

  9. Those pictures are amazing! And I love the kitten! :D

  10. Great pics! And any reading is progress. I didn't read much either. XP

  11. I love your hair color! The landscape pics are so pretty and the cat is so cute! >_<

  12. Wow, nice place! I love spending times outdoor, and the place looks very cool :D

  13. I know exactly what you mean. I have had a few read-a-thons where I had the BEST OF INTENTIONS to read, read, read but you know how it goes. life gets in the way. :) Great pictures!!

    I'm doing another read-a-thon now but I am not doing nearly as well on that one. Oh well...

  14. Aww, the kitten looks so darn cute... I love the first picture, the landscape one. ;) Hope the next read-a-thon goes better - don't feel bad, sometimes life just doesn't leave you much time for reading.

  15. Aww cute kitty! I'm sad he died :(

    Also, those pictures are awesome! I wish I could go on vacation!

    Don't feel bad about not getting much read, it happens, I didn't finish all I wanted to either!

  16. The landscape picture are awesome. The kitten is adorable, and so small... Have a great day. :)

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever

  17. First of all those photos were beautiful and that little kitty! AWWW!!!

  18. Wow, such beautiful pictures. Your hair is beautiful. Are you a natural red?

    I think you did great in the read-a-thon. :) Nice to mee you too. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

    Old follower.
    - Beckie @ Bittersweet Enchantment


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