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[02] Switched - Amanda Hocking

(Trylle Trilogy #1)
by Amanda Hocking

When Wendy Everly was six-years-old, her mother was convinced she was a monster and tried to kill her. It isn't until eleven years later that Wendy finds out her mother might've been telling the truth. With the help of Finn Holmes, Wendy finds herself in a world she never knew existed - and it's one she's not sure if she wants to be a part of.  

While reading description of this book I thought that idea is nice – trolls in book are usually gross, but in this one they are beautiful and gifted with paranormal abilities. Big plus on the beginning!

Story started really fast. For me – too fast. I didn’t really know what’s happening, but I knew one thing for sure – main heroin was really annoying. I usually find something that I have in common with characters, but, not this time.

Like I wrote, it goes fast – but only when something interesting happens. Author wastes space on paper with writing about “big love”.

Protagonist is troll girl who gets to know that she’s a princess, and she has to come back to her homeland. Maybe I should feel bad for her – her “mother” tried to kill her when she was younger, her real mother doesn’t show any feelings to her and she can’t find herself in new place.

To be honest, she’s an idiot. Spoiled child who thinks that “go to my room” is a date invitation and explains everything she does with something like “But, I’m a princess”
Okay, still not so bad anyway. Story is okay, but… Romance. Romance here is horrible. I don’t really want to spoiler, but… Well, I’m disappointed.

The most important thing in this story happens at the end and I felt like it’s written in hurry. It made me want to know what happens later, but it felt like a short epilogue really.

I loved humor here! Some examples? ;)
“How did you even know I wasn't in my room?" 
"I checked on you." Finn gave me a look like I was an idiot. "I check on you every morning." 
"You check on me when I'm sleeping?" I gaped at him. "Every morning?" 
He nodded. 
"I didn't know that." 
"Why would you know that? You're sleeping," Finn pointed out.” 
“My only experience with dances was what I had seen on TV, but it really wasn’t that far off. The theme appeared to be “Crepe Paper in the Gymnasium,” and they had mastered it perfectly.” 
And this humor saved my rating as 3 STARS. If not this one, I would be more like 2,5. It’s not my favorite, but it’s okay YA novel. I read it in Polish, so some things could be bad here because of translation, so I don’t blame author for stuff I didn’t like. I know that translators may be horrible!

Will I read next part? I’d like to know what happens later, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to push myself to get through next pages with Wendy. 


So here goes my second review! Maybe I'm a little too critic? Just tell me. I found out that cover will always be covered by white when it's in corner of the post, so it will be in the center now. Is it okay?
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  1. Nice review, I thought the Trylle trilogy was a cute, easy read..and yes i thought the humor was good in this one too.

  2. Wow - This book sounds really interesting and dramatic. I'll have to check it out!

  3. Good review. Sounds like an interesting premise, but everything you didn't like would annoy me too. That second quote really is funny though!!


  4. Excellent review. Thanks for the follow :)
    I'm following you back, not out of obligation or any of that, because I really enjoy your reviews :) They're quick and to the point. I like that.
    Switched is on my to-read list at the moment... I'll probably get to it... eventually :D

    Far Past Midnight

  5. Thanks for the honest review! I actually really want to read this, there's so much hype surrounding it :)

  6. I started reading this and couldn't make it past 50 pages. The hype around this series is misplaced, I think. Thanks for the honest review anyhow, maybe I'll get around to rereading and actually finishing it.

    I've followed you by the way, check out my blog The YA Cover :)

  7. Hey! Great review. I read the My Blood Approves series by the same author and I didn't think it was great by any means. Maybe mediocre. But I have heard so much about this series. Maybe I will just give her another chance!

    I just started my own book reviewing blog. If you are interested you should check it out!


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