Wednesday, September 19, 2012

[72] Personal post + photos. A lot of photos.

Okay, here comes private post again. I don't do them a lot, but I have a reason :)
Last weekend I was a fantasy convention, ZSZEF. I think form of convention we have in Poland is a little different than in USA or any other country. From what I have seen, in USA it's like a big market, for us, it's about people and fun ;)
3 best days in the year. Always.


And some of disincentive maybe? c:

I was in Maid Cafe (okay, my dress wasn't comfortable really...) and I did 2 talks. One was about Poland in anime and second about book blogging. No one came about one about book blogging, huh.

Who cares that I haven't slept for 3 days? I had fun and I met amazing people.

So, I want to know your opinion - do you attend cons? Or anything like that?
How does it look where you live? :)


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