Saturday, April 14, 2012

[07] Info post and big yay :)

I'm sorry I haven't posted in long time, but don't worry - it's going to be better soon.

I joined netgalley and my first three requests got declined... But then, one got accepted. And guess what book?  The Glimpse! 
I know you're excited. I am. Wait for review.

Curious what will be on my blog soon?

Coming soon...

  • I will be showing you my love to short stories in reviews ;) You know I love them. And I downloaded like a milion of them today...

I'm also sharing amazing site with you! <- I look there for free books on Amazon. You can look for some price occasions there and it's updated daily! Amazing, huh? :D

Thank you everyone for reading, following and commenting.
I love you so much! *mental hug*



  1. Do you want to hear one funny story? Well, I recently joined the NetGallery and guess what. I got that book as well, the first I've ever requested! Funny! :)

    Wow a lot of thinks you'll be posting here! I'm looking forward to read all of that! :)

    and if I miss it accidentally please let me know what do you think about Lichgates! :)

    Tanja @ Ja Ĩitam, a ti?

  2. I joined Netgallery several months ago. Some that I request are approved and some denied. It's probably about 4 out 6 are denied.


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