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[114] Interview with Cherie - author, and founder of... RUNA'S R.A.C.E FUND

Have you ever wondered what goes through the mind of a dog at a shelter? Find out what life is like for a shelter dog, and discover what one shelter dog  wants more than anything in the world?
  A beautiful Husky needs a home, is a story of such a dog, told in her words. As you read, you will experience her  roller coaster of emotions as she waits to get a home, and wonders what will happen if she dosen't. This somewhat snobby, and beautiful Siberian Husky, in her quest to get adopted, discovers that looks aren't everything.  This story will give you a new perspective the next time you consider getting a new pet, or when entering a shelter. After reading this story you'll realize that the barking isn't noisey dogs, but a desperate plea to take them home, and save their life. Please consider adopting from a shelter.

"The book about Runa is Lovely! It is a beautiful way to get a valuable lession to children of all ages Including me -- I'm 89!"
                              --- Betty White

This book is available for purchase at:, AbeBooks,The Book Depository, Amazon MarketPlace, Alibris,, Books a million, and Barnes and Noble. If you find this book on any sites not listed here please leave a comment. If you have purchased this book please be sure to leave a review. 

Hello and thank you! I'm really happy to host you on my blog today. First question is... Why did you start an animal charity? Not some other kind?

hank You for having me! I started Runa's R.A.C.E. Fund because of my dog, and experiences I had volunteering at a shelter. But I wanted mine to be different.And the type of charity Runa's R.A.C.E. Fund is, serves many purposes. First, I wanted to change people's perspectives on adoption. Most people think that shelter dogs are junk, or breeder throwaways, SOO Not true. Many shelter pets are family dogs/cats that people just couldn't keep anymore. They might be moving, going to college, taking a job abroad etc. So my charity's website features adoption stories submitted by families that took in a shelter dog/ cat, and they vow never to "shop" again because they know they will save a life. Second, we (R.R.F.) post health tips and disease warning signs to look for in pets. We do this so people become more observant about their pets' behavior. For example: If your cat hasn't been eating, or urinating in the litter box and is NORMALLY a lap cat but has been hiding for hours. Take them to the vet!!! These may seem no big deal kind of symptoms but put them together and your cat could be dead in days! Our site's post on Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease explain these symptoms and what to do about them. Our tips are from Vets so you know they are accurate. Third, with these economic times hitting everybody, many people will not take pets in for vaccines. Some families just can't afford to pay for lifesaving surgery, when their beloved dog is hit by a car. This is where the "FUND" part of our charity comes in. With the money earned from sales in our online store, and donations, we help pay veterinary care in extreme circumstances. In many cases, families will put down their dog with a simple broken leg because of costs to fix it, "Surgery for Rex or groceries?" I don't want a family to experience that guilt or pain of loss. 

Do you have any animals now?

I currently have a cat, a gray Angora. I can usually pick a name quickly but he was difficult. I finally came up with Remmington Steel or Remi . LOL He is like a gun metal gray but has long baby fine hair. He is a rescue that adopted me in 2005. I have no idea how old he is but he is the most lovable lap cat ever! He begs like a dog for food, and purrs constantly. He's AWESOME!

You know I have to ask about it. Tell me about Betty White... :)

 Betty is Great! I wrote he about a year ago in January, I sent her one of the dog charm necklaces from our store, and a VERY Informal, and Very rough copy of my book. Literally a mock cover, and the manuscript. I asked her if she could write a quick review for the book, which she did, and told her that my daughter who was turning 10 on Feb. 16th thought that she was funnier than Grandpa! February 17th, a day after my daughter's Birthday I got my reply envelope back from Betty. It had a review of the necklace and the book on her stationary, and a SIGNED pic of Betty with her Retriever Pontiac. "Kira, Happy 10th Birthday love Betty and Pontiac"  Betty is my Idol. Her dedication to animals, and her work ethic is amazing! I wanna be like Betty when I grow up! LOL

Who made your cover?

My cover was done by an amazing artist named Frongia Daniela, She is from Italy, but lives in the UK now. I was worried at first because my dream book art was colored pencil with water color background. I had this guy all fired up to do the art and his rough sketches were awesome but he bailed last minute. So then I was in a mad dash to find someone else. I went fishing for an artist on a illustrator and author collaboration on Facebook. I saw Dany's (Frongia Daniela) work there. It was brightly colored, animated faces, like your watching a lovely Anime movie, like Ponyo. I couldn't see my Dog as a cartoon tho, Not at first. But in her sketches with MY Dog's facial markings and personality coming through, I knew this was a total match made in heaven.She took on the project in late January and the book was completed and launched in April. She is professional, having MANY illustration credits under her belt She works wicked fast, and I'd recommend her to anybody!

Tell me a little about your daughter! Does she like your book?

My daughter Kira is sooo stoked about this book! She keeps saying Runa (roo'na) is going to be famous. LOL I love it. She also has informed me that when the time comes she is ready to head up the charity! She is most definitely my mini me. Passionate about people being responsible pet owners, and her heart is full of love. She asked me one day, " Mommy, how do they put dogs to sleep that don't get homes?" I am always very truthful with my daughter, she is very bright, and wiser than her years, so I told her the truth. "Well, they have a list of animals to be put down that day, and they go from cage to cage giving shots. Then when they are done they gather them up and dispose of the bodies." He next question brought tears to my eyes. "Mommy, does anybody hold them when their dying? Say I'm sorry? Say I love you?" Again truthfully, "Probably not Sweetie." She started to think a minute and then replied, "Well that's just WRONG! It's not their fault they didn't get a home! And it's the stupid shelter's idea to KILL them in the first place! I think Runa's charity should have volunteers to hold the dogs and say I'm sorry and I Love you, when they die. If the shelters HAVE to Kill them, they should at LEAST be NICE about it!"

How can my followers help your charity?

That is simple there are many ways they can help. Tell People about us, our health tips, and what we are trying to do SAVE LIVES. Our they can adopt from a shelter, shop our store, or donate. If they make something that they want to donate to us to sell, can provide a service,or volunteer. They can simply email me at With an adoption story or photo, or make a suggestion on another way they can help. I am all ears.

And one random question... Do you prefer dogs or cats?

Both! I have grown up with both, and I have pros and cons about both. So they will ever be tied in my book LOL.

Okay, it's the end now... Thank you so much! Just tell me when can we stalk you? Blog, twitter?

 I am on twitter @cherieMorlock, the website is, Facebook look for Cherie Morlock-orcutt, or Runa's R.A.C.E. Fund, The blog is
Thank You soo much for having me. This has been great!

Are you going to help?

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