Monday, May 14, 2012

[18] True Murder Stories by Nischal Hegde REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY

True Murder Stories 
 March 11, 2012 

 Mystery murders of history are revealed in this book. From crime scene investigation to forensic evidence and trial of the case has been described. 100% real stories.


(short book, short review. Sorry!)

I’m a big lover of stores about true crimes and this book didn’t disappoint me.

There’s not much to review, as those are real stories. You can read about serial killers, some psycho ones and learn about some interesting facts, like – are DNA tests so perfect?
Everything is explained clearly, so even if I didn’t know what some things meant it wasn’t a problem!

It comes out that it’s amazing book… I just regret it was so short!



  1. I absolutely love true crime stories! I am wishing, wishing, wishing.

  2. Hej :) muszę wyjaśnić, że w konkursie u mnie żeby było sprawiedliwie liczę tylko komentarze od początku maja do 15 czerwca, chcę żeby każdy miał szansę :)

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  4. More a fan of non-fiction but this looks like a good read.

  5. Oh i really love murder stories
    hope this one is as good as it sounds :)


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