Monday, April 23, 2012

[10] Abigail Deane and the Demon's Gate - L.H. Thomson REVIEW

(Published March 21st 2012)

When Chicagoan Abigail Deane moves in with her stuffy English aunt to get over the loss of her mom, she expects an equally stuffy two years at school in a strange and hostile environment. But Abigail has an air of magic about her, and there is great trouble afoot. Aided by two fellow social outcasts, can she fulfill her destiny, foil a knight's curse, and save our world from darkness?

Abigail Deane and the Demon's Curse is YA Modern Fantasy fiction. Join Abigail as she tries to fulfill the legacy of a crusading knight bound to a curse for eternity, while thwarting the schemes of the evil, Witch-hunting Council of Paderborn. In a story that stretches from ancient Africa and the Holy Land to modern day England, Abigail's beliefs, feelings, hopes and dreams will all be tested as she tries to prevent the demonic overthrow of Earth.

The story is about an American girl who lost her mother and moved to her Aunt's house in England. She finds out that magic is real and all around her... Oh, wait, I should use the word "sorcery."

I couldn't focus on the beginning. It was just boring, to be honest, but I forced myself to read it. I thought that it will eventually get better later.. And I got a little disappointed. It got, but only a little.

Abigal is 17 years old, so am I, and I wouldn't say she's even a little similar to me. She acts like 13, and that's what bothered me so much through all book.
Author doesn't know anything about teens. They aren't natural here. Example? Boys use word "mate" all the time; smoking and drinking is so "yuck" and so on. Really? Ethan, one of the characters, once came back home drunk and he used word "bloody" all the time. Abi-bloody-gal. I didn't know if I was supposed to laugh or cry.

Magic? Oh, something interesting starts to happen in the half of the book. It was described badly, not well-developed... Abigal knows two spells, completely useless and she beats everyone with them. When she and her Aunt win, they call an ambulance to help their opponents. It was actually funny... Even if it wasn't supposed to be funny. 

I think someone else might enjoy this book, as it would be really nice if not those teens who acts like... Kids. An that's the biggest part of the book. I saw that author have written other books and they had pretty good reviews, so he should keep writing for adults. Or talk to some teens...


  1. Wow great review, the cover looks great and I agree with everything you say! :)

    From: Your new follower Alex

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  2. Hi. I read your review and I you're right, the author should know his/her audience. If they don't know who they are writing for, the reader is going to lose interest. I'm impressed that you kept reading until the end. That's hard to do when you aren't enjoying the storyline.

    If you have a minute, stop by and read the review I wrote on "Defenders of the Covenant," by Angie Lofthouse.

  3. To funny, maybe he is around teens who are on their best behavior because their parents are around. I liked your review I can just picture an english accent as I read it lol with the mate and bloody.


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