Thursday, March 22, 2012

[01] Vampires of Hollywood - Adrienne Barbeau and Michael Scott

Vampyres of Hollywood

(Vampyres of Hollywood #1)




Language I read it in: Polish

Hollywood, California: three gruesome deaths within two weeks and every one of them a major star - an Oscar winner, an ingĂ©nue, and an action hero.  A serial killer is working through the Hollywood A-list and celebrities are running scared.


  1. LOL a lot of vampir novels are starting to be repetitive so I definitely understand where you're coming from! x) But I'm glad that this one had an awesome start, even though it faltered a bit later on. I probably would've had the same problems with lack of description as you!

    This was a really great first review, Disincentive! :) Honest, helpful, and concise -- thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

    P.S. Welcome to blogging! The blogosphere is happy to have you <3

  2. Welcome to book blogging! Your first review is great! Keep it up!
    I'll be staying tuned!
    If you need any tips or help just drop by my blog:
    All the best :)

  3. Hello - Thank you for stopping by my blog. I always love to make bloggy friends. Feel free to stop by, comment, follow, etc...and I'll be sure to do the same ;D I'm real into vamp novels, shows and movies. I'm actually a little embarrassed to admit. I watch Vampire Diaries and True Blood all the time - love the Sookie Stackhouse novels. My friend turned me on to it and now I'm an addict. Great review!!

  4. Hey! Welcome to book blogging! :) Your first review was great!
    keep it up!
    although, it may just be my computer, but I can't see the cover of the book- its blocked by the white?

    Also, please turn off the word verification. It will turn away most of the people who try to comment!

  5. Hi, sweetie! Congrats on your first review!!! Well done! :)
    Just keep going and exploring blogging - it's wonderful and engrossing :)
    You ask for comments and criticism, so I just wanted to add that I'm reading the post on my netbook and the title of the novel somehow overlapped the cover (something must have gone wrong with html) and the the main font looks a bit too small. You might want to increase it by size or two (again, it might be just my netbook, and on normal screen it looks alright). Anyway, give yourself time and you'll sort everything out - these things are just technical *wink* Congrats again!

  6. Nice work with your first review :) They'll keep on getting better the more you write! Thanks for stopping by!


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